Thursday, April 30, 2009


A request has been made for instructions on how to make the tissue poms seen in the previous post. I, of course, did not take photos as I made them as I was in party prep panic mode and am not the best at creating blog tutorials, but I did find some photos of the process on Martha's website (who else!). So, without further ado, a tissue pom tutorial brought to you with a little help from Martha.

1. Neatly stack approximately 15-18 sheets of tissue paper. I use the dimensions of the tissue paper as is, but you can trim it down beforehand to vary the size. Fold the stack of tissue accordian style, making 1 1/2 inch folds and creasing the tissue as well as possible with each fold.

2. Once the tissue is folded, cut a piece of floral wire and wrap it around the center of the folded tissue. Make a loop with the excess wire to attach the string, wire or ribbon that the pom will hang from. Now, trim the edges of the tissue into a scallop or point as shown above. Since the poms that I make have more layers of tissue than Martha's instructions (Martha uses 8 sheets of tissue), the trimming step will likely not look as neat as the photo above. If your scissors will not cut through the thickness of the folded tissue, just separate the layers into halves as best you can and cut. Any imperfections in the scallop or point that you make will not be apparent in the finished pom.

Note: I sometimes vary the size of the pom at this trimming step, cutting off more length on each end as I scallop.

3. Separate the tissue one sheet at a time to form the pom.  I tend to rotate the pom in front of me in a circular motion and separate the entire layer one at a time rather than separating one side first and then the other. The two sides of the pom blend better this way. (if this does not make sense to you now, it likely will once you get started) 

4. Tie ribbon, string or fishing line to the loop you made from floral wire at the center of the pom and hang. That's it, you have a finished pom!

{For more details on the room in this final photo, go here.}


Crafty P said...

you rock!

fresh images said...

My friends and I made about 35 pom's for my birthday party last year and they all complained that their wrists were hurting from all the folding. I took plenty of breaks to avoid the pain, so I would suggest leaving more time than you expect when you make them. They made my party look AMAZING and in the end, it was absolutely worth the razzing I took from my friends!

courtney said...

these are adorable! i love them for parties and room decor...I'm going to try it for a shower...they sell on Etsy for $42 for 10!