Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well here they are, the piece de resistance: the party favors. And what are they? Scooby snacks of course! Aren't they cute? Little dog bone shaped graham crackers packaged up all fancy for the picnic. And let me tell you, these are sooooo good. If you're not careful, a box of these can be gone before you realize. Not that I know that from experience or had to go out and buy another box for the party or anything. Nope, not me.

OK. I know you know me better than that. The Scooby Snacks were not the only party favor at the doggie picnic. Although, I'm telling you, they are delicious! All of the party-goers also received a photo album lined in the same oilcloth that was rampant throughout the party. In the inside cover of the album I slipped in a card with a thank you for coming to Peanut's second birthday and the date. Since this was a family party, I knew that everyone would have pictures from all of our great times this summer and this photo album was a great way for everyone to store their photos and remember Summer 2008. All of the women and girls received the album as pictured and the adult men (the Uncles that are not attached to an Auntie) received an album lined in faux bois oil cloth with the same Photographs label. I wish I had taken a picture of those, they were really cool!

I love favors that are useful and easily customized to coordinate with any party theme and these certainly fit the bill. The beauty of the photo albums is that they can be customized even further to include each guest's name, captioned with anything you want - the sky's the limit! I am currently working with a bride who is using the albums as a combination favor/escort card at her wedding. The photo album itself will coordinate with her wedding colors and style and will then be fitted with a band of paper with each guest's name and table number. I'm really excited to get working on these, they're going to be wonderful!

Oh, and one last note. The boys of the party, while I'm sure they would have looooved a fancy photo album, were given something a little different in their doggie bags. Along with their scooby snacks, they received a small rubber baseball quite similar to a ball that would be used for playing fetch. Yes, I know how to take a theme to the absolute limit, don't I? The absolute limit. So now that the doggie party has been done, I promise you will never hear the words doggie picnic cross these lips again. Unless of course, Peanut insists that it's the only way to go next year!


Laura said...

there is no limit when it comes to a child's birthday party

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great!

Kathryn said...

You think of everything - I love it!! The favors, all of them ;), look great.

Unknown said...

Oh my more great ideas, love the scooby snacks idea and photo albums.

Did you order your oil cloth online? I got mine on vaca so I have a limited amount, and haven't been able to find any locally. If you got it online, would you mind sharing your source?

Amanda said...

cute blog - i found you searching for doggy ideas for my son's bday thus dec...are you selling these doggy downloads?