Friday, August 8, 2008


We have a new member of the family here at party central that I thought you may like to meet. Never mind that I haven't introduced my children yet, first things first please! (Besides, my vast readership of 4 people already knows all about the kids so I need new material to keep things fresh). 

So without further ado, meet Jacoby the hermit crab.

How did we come to own a hermit crab you might ask? Well, like most stories here, it's a long one. The Reader's Digest version is that Pumpkin was a nine year old boy without a pet and I am a 30-something mommy with pet allergies. Pumpkin spent a weekend on the Cape with his Uncle, exploring the beach, befriending hermit crabs. . . the next thing you know we're at the pet store rescuing Jacoby from the life of an animal who was wholesaled to a major pet store chain. What can I say, Jacoby's one lucky little crab.

Now you may be wondering about the name Jacoby. Unless of course you're from Boston or anywhere else in Red Sox nation, in which case you can skip this paragraph (but don't skip the next one, there's a prize at the end). Jacoby is the namesake of none other than Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox outfielder with some major wheels. I would just say he's fast, but Pumpkin says he has wheels and since it's his pet I'm exploiting, errr featuring, the least I could do was use his terminology. But more important than having wheels, Jacoby is a rookie. And since Jacoby the hermit crab is the rookie of this family, well you get where I'm taking you, right? So let's give a big Pumpkin Petunia welcome to Jacoby. "Hi Jacoby!"

Now for the prize. Petunia, never one to be left out, took the trip to the pet store with us and you know she wasn't leaving empty handed. So Petunia carefully chose a lovely little beta fish and with much ceremony named him Joe. Do you know why she named him Joe? Let me give you some stats on Petunia - it may help. Petunia is my 7 year old daughter. That's right, that's the hint. Think about it. You'll get it.

The first person to comment and correctly tell me why our new beta fish is named Joe wins a prize to be named later (it'll be cute, I promise). 

Postscript: Jacoby is walking on my cutting board. My floors are not that scratched up. I felt the need to clarify.


CzaMama said...

I had a couple of hermit crabs, which started as a science class project. They were great!

Let's see...beta fish named Joe...hmmm I bet he's one of the Jonas brothers.

Leslie said...

Wow. You are a good mom. How big is Jacoby? What does he eat? And yes, it's true, kids love/need pets; and pets love/need kids. Way to find the compromise.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Czamama, you are the winner!!! Joe is a Jonas Brother and also the star of Camp Rock, making him the proud inspiration for Petunia's fish. Your prize will be mailed by the end of the week and it will be "something cute" as promised. I'll post what I sent here after it's received. I don't want to ruin the surprise.


Midcitygal, thanks so much for commenting! Jacoby is actually quite small, only a couple of inches. As far as pets go, hermit crabs are very unobtrusive. They'll walk around and "perform" when you want to play with them, but otherwise, they just stay in their tank and like to be left alone. It's only been a little over a week, but Jacoby seems to be the perfect solution to our pet dilemma.

CzaMama said...

Woohooo! I guess it pays to have an adult daughter that works at Club Libby Lu with girls Petunia's age! I keep hearing about the Jonas brothers, so it was a stab in the dark.

CzaMama said...

I love love love my prize(s)! THANK YOU!!!