Thursday, August 7, 2008


These are so pretty I just had to show you. There is a wonderful woman named Heidi on Martha's Vineyard who owns two shops and she has absolutely impeccable taste. How do I know this? Because she carries my wish necklaces! No, not really. Well, she does carry my wish necklaces, but that's not how I know she has great taste.  Heidi told me that her customers are really into wampum (quahog shells buffed into a shiny bead) and wondered if I could make Wampum Wish Necklaces. Well, here they are! Aren't they great?

The wampum beads that I use are authentic wampum made by Native Americans right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and they do fantastic work. The variations in color on the beads are spectacular.  The Wampum Wish Necklaces can currently only be found at Heidi's shops (I'll ask Heidi for the two locations and update later) and I made a few extra to have on hand because I loved them so much. So, if you just have to have a Wampum Wish Necklace and are not planning a trip to the Vineyard, just let me know and I'll hook you up!

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CzaMama said...

those are gorgeous! I'll have to file that into my "gift memory" slot. thanks!