Monday, August 11, 2008


I suppose it's appropriate that I am consumed by the planning of my own daughter's birthday party as I start this blog - and I am. In a big, big way. So this week will be all about my youngest little girl, Peanut. (I know, I know. My other children, Pumpkin and Petunia, are represented so nicely in the name of my business, but Peanut was not yet a twinkle. Not to worry, I'll find a way to include her.)

Peanut is going to be two this Saturday and she is a little firecracker, to say the least. She has been speaking in full sentences and paragraphs since about 14 mos. and has even perfected a British accent (don't ask!). But the most important thing to know about Peanut in relation to her birthday party is that she loves dogs. So when thinking about a theme for her birthday party, having done just about every single theme you can think of, I was thrilled that her love of dogs fell very nicely into a theme that I have never done before. Something I could create from scratch! Because I'll do the Elmo birthday party if that is what my child really loves, but when I can do something different and still have it be all about the birthday girl (or boy), that is party planning nirvana.

So this week will be dedicated to executing plans for Peanut's Doggie Picnic birthday party on Saturday. I have a funny story about the printing of her invitation (pictured above, name and location changed to protect the innocent), but I'll save that for later in the week when I'll surely need a good laugh as I frantically try to pull this together all while entertaining three kids at the tail end of summer vacation. Wish me luck!

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Artifax said...

Hi there!

Oh, what a wonderful theme! It's always so fun to do parties for them when they are so little. Hope she has a fabulous birthday!!