Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am in desperate need of a new table and chairs for my kitchen. Desperate need. Despite the fact that party guy has made us countless craft and art tables over the years, we always seem to end up working smack dab in the middle of the house at the kitchen table. Sadly, our overzealous craft projects have finally taken their toll.  The table (which has been refinished three times) is speckled with paint and glue and glitter and who knows what else. As for the chairs, they have been knocked over so many times that they are falling apart, although the leftover paint and glue on them seems to be holding up quite nicely.

Which brings me to the point of this post: new chairs. In a stroke of brilliance I realized that if we were to buy new wooden chairs they would likely fall apart again. Then I remembered seeing a story on the aluminum chairs used on ships - Navy Chairs!  But at $400 a pop, it ain't happening.

Sooo, I decided to look for a copycat, and who corners the market on copycats of great design? 

Target, of course!

Here are the copycats in all their stolen glory at $259 for two. And they're 15% off to boot. Add my AAA target.com discount and I'll have 6 chairs for less than the price of two. But will they hold up to my gang of crafters? That is the question. 

So what do you think? Do I go for the bargain or find something else? 

Oh, and I still need a table...


Wecare4much said...

Welcome to the blogsphere party momma! They look very sleek. I remember my grandparents having similar chairs in their gas station. My only question would be "are they cold?" but I live in the arctic so that may not be an issue for you. ;)

Muganoot Mommy said...

Ker, I thought the same thing! :)

I love the chairs - gotta love Target for knocking off all the cool stuff! Check Boston Interiors clearance center at Hanover - they have good stuff sometimes. I also found many nice tables and chairs at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Wrentham.


There's a Restoration Hardware outlet in Wrentham?!?!!

CzaMama said...

Welcoming to the blogging world!!! Very cute chairs! Good point Ker, I hadn't thought about them being cold...chair pads?