Thursday, August 28, 2008


As we all prepare to spark up the grill for Labor Day weekend here in America, it occurred to me that unlike Memorial Day when everyone is itching to indulge in the grilled hot dogs and hamburgers that they have been deprived all winter, by Labor Day everyone has really had their fill. But it does seem a bit of a missed opportunity not to cookout this weekend given that these warm clear days of summer are numbered. Then I remembered this fantastic pizza that I have made a few times when it was too warm to use the oven but we were tired of the same old same old on the grill. The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine, which means that you aren't tempted to run screaming after you read it and you don't need to travel to remote locations in Asia for the ingredients. Yes, I know it says Martha Stewart, but Everyday Food is different. I promise. So celebrate Labor Day the way it was meant to be celebrated: with as little work as possible. Whip up a couple of these pizzas and relax. Yes I know it says Martha Stewart, but trust me!


Suzy said...

I love grilled pizza! Thanks for the food idea this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm love grilled pizza, tried it for fathers day 2 years ago and was so glad! I need to do a light veggie one like this though, I run out of veg meal night ideas

Anonymous said...

Everyday Food is my favorite Martha magazine because the ingredients are easy to find and the instructions are simple.

The pizza is a great idea for tomorrow!