Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every year since Pumpkin's first day of preschool 7 years ago (7 years! oh my gosh how time passes when you're not looking), I have taken this obligatory backpack photo. Now that I have a collection, I think I'll matte and frame them and hang them down our hallway. Cute, don't you think?

That's much better. Smiling faces! They're happy to be in the same school this year.

"Please don't go!" 

On the other hand, poor little Peanut was not happy this morning.

A new addition to my lunch box surprises: little flags in their sandwiches. I've got to keep them on their toes. They've come to expect sandwich shapes, notes wrapped around snacks, a hidden hershey kiss or two, but the flags are new and wouldn't you know it's the first thing they mentioned about their day. Success!


Practically Perfect... said...

I absolutely love back to school photos :-) They are so cute, and they're great for when they're older. I just about died when I saw all of my husband's back-to-school pictures... he was so cute! They're such great memories :-)

Anonymous said...

they look ready to conquer the world! this is my first year packing a lunch and I love these ideas. the flag is fantastic. it's so great that your kids look forward to finding their little lunch suprise.