Monday, December 14, 2009


I am itching to show you my favorite holiday card designs from this year, but cannot do so until I'm sure they've all been mailed and received. Can't ruin the surprise, after all! But until then (likely Christmas day or just after), I will share the inspiration for many of the custom designs I have been working on.

One glance at White Snow Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt and I was hooked. Originally published in 1947, this book has a warm, vintage feel with a fresh and beautiful color palette. The overall feel of the book is festive, without being overtly and traditionally Christmas. Well, I just fell in love.

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Crafty P said...

you know what, I just borrowed that from the library! I think we'll sit down and finally read it tonight. I was totally drawn to it, myself... it was something about the vintage feel and the colors!