Monday, June 14, 2010


(This entry was originally posted on June 15, 2009)

Summer starts today for my crew (at exactly t-minus a couple of hours!). Sadly, mother nature did not get that memo as I'm wearing a sweatshirt right now and am about to put on some socks. So I whipped up this banner to help set the mood. I'm hoping the sun peeks out to get a better look at my festive creation. At the very least, it will greet the kids as they arrive home and put them in a summer mood despite the gloomy weather.

Want to help spread the summer love? Download your copy of my Summer Beach Ball Banner below. (Just click on More and select Save or Print.)

If you would like a birthday version of the Beach Ball Banner, email me and I will create one for download, as well.

Beach Ball Banner Beach Ball Banner pumpkinpetunia


P.S. Scribd is not allowing me to link to this in my usual way so if you have problems downloading, please let me know!

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Kathryn said...

*love* this! I printed three last month and strung with twine - one for our mantle and mailed the other two to friends. This banner has been a great way to kick off summer here!