Monday, December 13, 2010


They're back!! My most favorite shirt from last year has made an appearance at Old Navy once again. And like last year, I was tempted to buy one for every girl on the planet (including me!). I settled for just the girls in my little family, but the sentiment in this shirt is huge. And I LOVE it.

Taking the world saving to heart, Petunia has once again set out to help by spreading the American Girl doll love - (go ahead, insert eye roll; it's OK). She's nine, so in her eyes there's no better way, right? Having raised money to donate American Girl dolls to The Home for Little Wanderers and Birthday Wishes for a couple of years now, this year Petunia had to get creative with her fundraising efforts. And she did!

Petunia has an "in" with Stella & Dot and decided to sell their new
friendship bracelets to help with her fundraising this year. And you know what? She's a smart little cookie, that Petunia! These bracelets match the spirit of her efforts so beautifully that she could not have thought of a better idea! The friendship bracelets are available in four colors, each representing the best traits of a true friend - smart, fun, true and kind. Qualities that every girl needs if she's going to save the world! So for every friendship bracelet sold through this link, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Home for Little Wanderers to fulfill wishes for children who may otherwise receive nothing at all this Christmas.

Since you may not need a friendship bracelet (why? I don't know - they're super cute!). But you may not, so I will extend this effort and donate 100% of the proceeds of any purchase made through this link to The Home for Little Wanderers. Be sure to enter Jo-Ann Coe as hostess to receive the reduced trunk show shipping rate. Stella & Dot ships so quickly (and beautifully packaged), that there is still plenty of time for holiday shopping! So you can cross some gifts off your holiday list (let's face it, you're running out of time!) or even glam yourself up for all of those holiday festivities! Orders are shipped directly to you and received in 3-4 business days!

Have you set out to save the world? Tell me how - I'd love to hear!!


Dina said...

Those are such cute friendship bracelets! My daughter is really getting into jewelry and would love this bracelet!

mommy of 3 said...

Any chance I can get you to send me the LOVE water bottle labels in a tiffany blue? You are so talented. Please write to