Friday, September 10, 2010


Originally posted on October 22, 2009.

I was going to title this post: Download at Your Own Risk, but I thought that may be a little too scary! On a whim of procrastination, I whipped up some halloween downloads just for you. With children ranging in age from almost 11 to just-turned 3, I need to walk a very fine line between creepy enough for the big brother, but cute and fun enough for the baby. I think this set does just that.

Eat at Your Own Risk

First up are cupcake picks! Print on cardstock and cut with a 2 1/4" circle punch. Attach lollipop sticks or coffee stirrers and you're done! I was going to bake cupcakes and take pictures for this post, but realized that Halloween is just nine days away. You don't have time to wait for such nonsense. You need these now! (my waistline thanks you for that). Download the Halloween Cupcake Picks here.

Read at Your Own Risk

Next up are cute Halloween Note Sheets. Just print, cut down the middle (at 5 1/2 inches) and start jotting down all those Halloween reminders. Print up a set of 6 or 10 and attach a pencil for a sweet little Halloween treat. (maybe in your Boo bag? - just a thought!) Download your Halloween Note Sheets here.

Open at Your Own Risk

Finally, bag up all your Halloween treats in a lunch bag embellished with this scary/sweet sticker. Simply print out the sticker on a label sheet, cut around the circle and stick to the bag. Download your Halloween sticker here.

I really enjoy sharing these Halloween treats with you, but please remember that they are for personal use only.


Unknown said...

Thank you! I'm going to use the cupcake circles for my party!

Mandy said...

THANK YOU for sharing these! We made Rat-Infested Cupcakes using them and I posted a couple links to your blog. Thanks again, we enjoyed having them at our halloween party last night!

Nann said...

These are SO fun. Will use them for cupcakes for my grandkids at our Halloween dinner. They will love them. Thanks for sharing. I saw this link on Mandy's blog. So glad to have found you.

Tori said...

I'm a super early bird for 2011! Thanks so much for offering these! I love them...

Jill said...

Just been looking for Halloween ideas that the kids will enjoy and this is fab, thank you.