Tuesday, September 16, 2008


That's right! Free to the first one million readers of my blog who have paper in their printer and know how to fold!  OK, so it's made out of paper, but still. How stinking cute is this?!?? Just go to the Hermes website and click on "travel the world of Hermes" to print out these adorable bag templates. There are seven styles to choose from (I like the red balloons best) and there's even a blank to decorate any way your heart desires. I definitely see some glitter in this Kelly's future. So fun to do as a party craft or just on a rainy afternoon with your little girl. 

But beyond the obvious, how about using these as the base for party invitations for a bachelorette party, bridesmaids lunch or girl's night out? You could even plan a girl's night in with this bag as the main event. A couple of bottles of wine, some paper, a printer...what could be more fun? Once everyone is finished with their designs, you could display the bags boutique style, call in some expert judges and award prizes based on various categories: most creative, most outrageous, best design, etc.  Or, you could just drink more wine. ; ) End the night with little treats for the girls to put in their Kellys as they leave - I'm thinking chocolate, but I'm always thinking chocolate - and your girl's night is complete, favor and all!

This is just too fun. I may have to throw myself a birthday party this year just to get my girls together for some design time. Let me know what you do with yours!

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