Thursday, September 25, 2008


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So is everyone watching Top Design? I really like this season so far and the contestants are a fun, eclectic group with some serious credentials, but what really strikes me this season is Todd Oldham's role as mentor. Did you notice how he quietly slips into the rooms and gently gives the most perfectly appropriate and brilliant advice ever?  I have visions of him paying me a visit during my daily routine, just when I'm getting frazzled and starting to feel overwhelmed, and saying:

"Jo-Ann, you're doing great. Hmmm, I see Petunia has cheerleading practice again tonight. Why don't you think about sending Pumpkin to a friends house after school so he won't be bored at the practice and have Peanut run laps around the house for ten minutes just before you leave so she won't have the energy to climb out of her carriage and will just sit and drink her milk. Think about that, I think it may work."


"OK, you're making chicken for dinner again. How about instead of grilling it this time, put it in a pan with those potatoes and carrots you have to use up, add some fresh herbs that look neglected in your garden and broil the whole thing in one pan for an easy fall dinner."

Who doesn't need a Todd Oldham in their life! Do you think he makes house calls?

So tell me - are you watching? What are your impressions? What advice would Todd Oldham give you if he slipped into your house in the middle of the day? Come on, I want to hear it - the good, the bad and the ugly!

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Farrell and Lauren said...

I found your blog through Eddie Ross's blog- obviously I am watching and I love it! It's amazing how well you have mimicked Todd Oldham's "voice!"

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love Top Design! I watched it a few years ago and then was so sad when it didn't come back the next season, and was totally stoked to see it this fall! I love Todd Oldham... your idea is perfect - I would love to have him come into my life and just give me a little atta girl and some helpful suggestions from time to time!