Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know I said no more Valentines, but I couldn't resist. I was asked to make a fortune teller (a/k/a cootie catcher. I never know what to call these. I always referred to them as fortune teller, but it seems cootie catcher is the more common term) template for a little girl's Valentine's Day Birthday, and it turned out so cute that I just had to modify it for a Valentine. Just click on the image to enlarge and drag to your desktop. Once it's printed, trim to a 7X7 square and fold.

For more printable, last-minute Valentines, check out these great freebies:
Owl Valentines from Living Locurto.
Fun and Colorful Valentines from Secret Agent Josephine
Lollipop Holder Valentines from Tricia Rennea
Snail Valentines from Zakka Life
Beautiful Je T'aime Valentines from none other than The Black Apple

All ready to print so noone will ever know that you were a last-minute Suzy. So go ahead, spread the love!

ETA: I couldn't resist adding one more from No Fuss Fabulous. It's too fun to pass up!


Wecare4much said...

Cool! I can use them for La Diva's birthday. She's taking 2 friends to the movies and out for ice cream. This will be a fun treat for them to play with while they are traveling to the cinema. Thanks!


Let me know if you want me to personalize them for La Diva. I'd be happy to do it. : )

Jessica said...

your a winner, head over to my blog! :)

Rachel said...

Great Valentines!! Thanks!

LeAnn said...

Cute!!! I made smaller matchbook notebooks and I was up 'till 3:30 this morning making little paper pieced owls for them... They said "Whooo..." and then at the bottom of the flap it said " you love?" I thought they were pretty clever. lol This morning when Tyler saw them he kind of grunted and only thought they were "ok."

Thanks for all the great ideas!