Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In honor of my father's birthday and all of my cake decorating debacles that amused him so much (scroll down here to see one of many), I thought I would share the most perfect cake frosting tutorial. This is the only frosting tutorial I have ever seen that made me feel that I could actually frost the perfect cake and it's brought to you by one of my favorite blogs: giverslog.

Here is the tutorial supply list. You’ll need:
—batter for one cake and pans of your choice (homemade cake is usually denser and holds up well under frosting, but cake mixes work too)
—parchment paper and a paper towel
—a pastry bag and tip, if possible, for laying the frosting on the cake (see the cake icer tip below)
—a recipe of buttercream frosting of a thinner consistency, about as thin and spreadable as butter at room temperature

Now head on over to giverslog and learn how to frost the perfect cake - no crumbs!

Happy Birthday Dad. Love You and Miss You. ♥

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Crafty P said...

oh goodie! I'll definitely be checking this out as I do love making cakes!