Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This past weekend was filled with celebration for my family. My niece and nephew graduated from High School and we went all out for a great party (more to come on that later this week or early next). But while we had the extended family together, we also wanted to recognize a milestone birthday that my mother has coming up this week. Simply having a cake and singing Happy Birthday did not seem grand enough to mark the occasion; we needed something more to make the moment extra special. Here's what we did. 

I made up buttons as pictured above using this lovely photograph of my mother on her wedding day (searched high and low to no avail for her graduation picture - how perfect would that have been?) and hid the buttons away. Just before we were to present the cake, we called all family and friends together and gave them a button to wear. When my mother was called into the room, she was greeted with everyone wearing the buttons and was presented with one for her to wear as we all sang Happy Birthday. This small and simple gesture of wearing the buttons really made that moment extra special and marked the occasion of her birthday in a very memorable way. Just another example of how it's the little things, those extra little details, that make all the difference.

Oh and by the way, you'll be hearing lots more about buttons and badges. It's my new obsession. Stay tuned!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What a cute idea!

Annie said...

This is SO GREAT! What a special thing for her to see how close she was pinned to your hearts. You are amazing.