Friday, July 10, 2009


I received a very curious email in my inbox yesterday. It was from my good buddy Pillsbury and it contained the most intriguing image: a Blueberry Lemon Pecan Pie. That's right, a pie with blueberries, lemons AND pecans! Looks good, doesn't it? Well, that image is all you will ever see of that pie. I'm questioning it's existence all together, sure that the photo is some sort of fancy, cgi special effect. Why? Because every time in the last 24 hours I have tried to click through to get the recipe  a window opens with the dreaded Page. Not. Found.

Now I'm not one to be easily discouraged, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go right to the source. I opened a new window and typed the url myself.   Page. Not. Found.

Determined not to give up, I went to the Pillsbury home page and thought that I would search for the pie from there. But that Pillsbury does not want just anyone looking at their goods; you need to be a member. But wait, I am a member! That's how I got the email. So I smugly went ahead and clicked on "login." I AM worthy. 

Waiting with anticipation for the login screen to appear, I reviewed in my mind all of the possible passwords and login names I may have used to join. And I waited . . . and waited . . . Soon I saw the url switch to the all-too-familiar "click through" address and my heart sank.   Page. Not. Found.

So I'm beginning to think that the dough boy doesn't want me to have this pie of blueberries, lemons and pecans. Maybe he's trying to protect me, doesn't want me turn "doughy" like him. (yeah, I went there.)

Well, dough boy - it's MY life. I'll have blueberries, lemons and pecans baked together in a pie whenever I see fit! You can't make those kind of decisions for me. You're not the boss...


In parting, I guess all I can say is

the Keebler Elf would never do me like that.


Crafty P said...

oh that is funny and cruel. maybe it is a tease of a recipe to come soon! they get your tastebuds all tantalized and then days later send the link to the recipe?

i would call. that's just how I roll. don't send me a picture of a non-existent pie darn it! I want the recipe... NOW! ha!

Anonymous said...

see if this link gets you to the recipe

Kristin said...

Too funny...but I want the recipe now too!!