Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Looking for cute halloween costumes that won't break the bank? Who isn't? I feel like a bride shopping for bridesmaids dresses when I think about Halloween costumes: something different that can be worn again; cute and fun, but not cumbersome; fab AND affordable. Luckily, I am not a bride (who needs that stress!), but I am a mom and I'm finding that it's easier than ever to find something great for my kids to wear on Halloween.

These glorious tutu and headband sets from Jojosweetpea  are the perfect example. First off, they are CUTE! The super full skirts and clever headbands really fit the bill for a fabulous costume that is easy to wear. Better yet, at just $30, the price is right. Just add a leotard and leggings and your little goblin is good to go and you know they will wear this again and again! I can't decide which is my favorite, the spider or the ladybug.

Another wonderful trend in costumes this year is the DIY kit. Want to say you made it yourself without all the pesky prep work and patterns? Yeah, me too! Well now you can. DIYcostumes on Etsy has done all the legwork for you. This lion kit, for example, comes with everything you need to pull together this adorable costume in a flash, including needle and thread and an iron on "Handmade by ______." tag! Better yet, 10% of the profits from the sale of this costume go to the World Wildlife Fund. 

When it comes to dressing infants for Halloween, I'm always tempted to go all out. They are just so darn adorable. Couple the cuteness with the fact that they can't voice they're opinion and veto your ideas and the temptation to go for the huge elephant head and parade them around like Barnum & Bailey is hard to resist. (I'm not judging, believe me, I've done it! My son is still having nightmares about his Thumper costume ten years later.) But this may be a time to keep it simple; they are so small and so cute already that it doesn't take much to up the cuteness factor for Halloween. This Wild Things crocheted hat is a great example. It's subtle, looks comfortable and definitely makes a statement. Just add a cozy brown jumper and you've got yourself a costume and a timely/trendy one at that!

And then I'm reminded, that sometimes fabulous is just too fabulous to resist.


Hippy Goodwife said...

These are great! We are set for this year. But there are always future Halloweens. Both boys have sweatsuit based costumes this year, such a great, warm and rewearable ( also greener!) idea.

Jodee Leader said...

I love the tutu costumes. I will have to remember her for next year. I got a new ladybug costume off E-Bay this year and totally got ripped off! It's sooo bad!