Thursday, October 1, 2009


(I kept the red-eye in the photo to enhance the cat effect!)

Starting to think about Halloween costumes yet? I'm sure many of you have them all set to go. Once upon a time, I had our costumes ready and waiting before school started. But as my children get older, I have started to leave it to them to at least play a part in figuring it all out. After spending, well, much more than I should have when the big kids were toddlers, I now put more of a priority on being resourceful when putting together a costume. High priority is using items we already have and purchasing items that can be used again, preferably for other purposes throughout the year.

This cat costume that Petunia wore a couple of years ago is the perfect illustration of resourceful costume planning. I purchased an adorable, black sweater dress from Marshall's for about $10. It was cozy and warm and while I wouldn't normally have chosen a black dress for my 5 year old, it was super cute and able to be worn throughout the rest of the fall and winter. The striped tights Petunia already had in her wardrobe and the cat ears headband was purchased very inexpensively from The Children's Place. All three of these items were extremely inexpensive and all of them were worn again and again after Halloween. (yes, even the cat ears!)

This simple costume is not going to win awards or rock anyone's world, to be sure. But add a little bit of makeup, a splash of 5 year old attitude and you have yourself a sweet little black cat for Halloween. The true test is that this still stands as one of Petunia's absolute favorites.

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Suzy said...

Love it! Now I just need to try to talk Punky into being a cat (she's stuck on Sleeping Beauty right now).