Monday, February 9, 2009


Petunia was home sick last week and since she's my crafty little bug, we decided to <3 sick days. Not to be confused with loving sick days, because noone loves to be sick, but since it was the week before Valentines Day, Petunia made the best of her time home and ed to her hearts content.

Since we were house-bound, we had to use supplies we had on hand. One project she especially enjoyed used only some old, yellowing, legal-size copy paper, leftover red paint and a paintbrush. She painted hearts, and lots of them, onto the paper, cut them out and we used them all over the house!

We made a garland for the fireplace.

Which Petunia requested be shown at several angles for the best effect.

Tucked one in a teacup.

And spruced up our dining room lampshade.

We also added our flock of birds to the mantle, worked on classroom Valentines and enjoyed countless other projects during her time home. She's back to school today and while she was excited to see her teacher and friends, I have to admit that the day is not nearly as fun as when we were ing her sick days.

I had planned on showing some classroom valentines as well, but looking back on the past week, I think we have DONE Valentine's Day here at Pumpkin Petunia. I may save those, but we'll see. Any opinions?


Rachel said...

While you have had some great Valentines ideas, I'm always up for more! I *heart* Valentines!

Brenda said...

I'm glad to here Petunia is feeling better. She is truly a little decorator in the making! I especially love the heart garland!

Annie said...

Precious way to turn a yucky sick day into a memory! Love the garland. Annie - No Fuss Fabulous

Anonymous said...

Oh my how cute!! I am sure all the hearts made her feel lots better.

Lori said...

Thanks for linking up on Momspiration Mondays! Love this post!