Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you're looking down the barrel of a snow day (like me!), here are some fun Valentine crafts to keep the kids busy and make you feel oh-so-organized for getting a jump on Valentine's Day before February 1st! 

These cute little birdies are so clever. Made with just paper and paper clips! We're planning on making an entire flock.

Felt food is all the rage and you likely have some felt scraps and a needle and thread lying around.   These would make the most adorable classroom Valentines; something to be cherished forever. Just attach a tag with your valentine message and your child will have the most heartfelt handout in the class! (sorry - I had to say it)

This is just the best idea ever! So sweet and charming; the perfect little gift for teachers, grandmas, aunties. Head over to Sweet Tidings' beautiful blog for a template and complete tutorial. 


Mrs. D said...

Awe, shucks! Those birdies look pretty good on your blog! ;) Hey I thought I would let you know I have given you an award on my blog...thanks for being awesome!

Crafty P said...

You rock! thanks for the great links. I absolutely adore the birdies and have a tiered stand screaming for a little flock of them, some felt heart cookies and maybe some of Cyn's truffles!

Tori C. (The Sweet Jelly Bean) said...

Found you via Mrs. D. Great blog - I'm following now and will be back! Come check mine out if you get a sec!

Crafty P said...

Hello dear, I'm back- saw this and thought you might enjoy something really simple. I think I'm attempting it after all the kiddos wake up from naptime! I just rooted through our 'art bin' and found a gazillion chenille sticks!


Pumpkin Petunia said...

Love it, Crafty P! Thanks for the link. Coincidentally, we just unearthed big packages of white pipe cleaners. Might make for a nice modern look - a white heart garland against our blue walls. Worth a try!

Miss French Jessica said...

How CUTE are those birdies!?! You're way too creative for me. I have zero patience with kids and crafts; which I guess would explain why I don't have those adorable birdies hanging around my house! Great work! :D