Wednesday, January 21, 2009


While everyone is talking about the fashion choices of our new first family, I thought I would take a moment to talk about what they didn't wear. Not that I am questioning their choices because honestly, I think our new first lady is absolutely stunning and I loved everything that she and the girls wore yesterday. Actually, I loved everything about yesterday: a gorgeous day filled with hope and seriousness and a call to action for the entire nation. And let's face it: Dr. Jill Biden can rock a pair of boots like nobody's business!

But I feel that I would be cheating on my best friend, I think you may know him - Isaac Mizrahi, if I didn't give a nod to his designs for the first family. These designs are signature Isaac with their beautiful and feminine lines and wonderfully bold colors. And if he didn't have my heart before, the peter pan collar on little Sasha's dress really sealed the deal. I am a sucker for a peter pan collar!

Given that Michelle Obama loves to wear color and does so beautifully, I really thought that Isaac had a good chance of being the one. But in the end, I do love that Michelle chose ivory. It was a departure from her typically colorful wardrobe and she looked absolutely beautiful. Seeing the way her husband looked at her, I am sure she has no doubt that it was the right choice.

Sorry Isaac. But I still love ya!

ETA: Be sure to check back tomorrow for full details of this weekend's Wii Birthday Party!

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Muganoot Mommy said...

You really hit it on the head - the way he looked at her! Wowza! When they were dancing to "At Last", you could read his lips when he said "I couldn't love you any more." I still tear up when I think about it. He simply adores her and the girls. So far, it's what I like the most about him!

Still no bitterness....