Monday, January 19, 2009


The  inauguration of President Obama will surely be one of those "where were you when..." moments in history, so don't let history pass you by! Here are some ideas to help you mark the occasion in style. 

Alpha Mom has a download of printable cupcake toppers, flags and stickers. These could also be used to make buttons/badges if you have a buttonmaker. In addition to using them as cupcake toppers, we'll also be printing them on sticker paper to wear as stickers. (Yet another instance where I wish I bought the buttonmaker. I think that purchase is moving to the top of my wish list!)

Family Fun has printable paper airplanes and pinwheels to make. 

And the jackpot of Inaugural Day information can be found here, including an official timeline of the days events, biographies, photos, historic facts, menus and recipes. Thanks Carmen!

We still haven't decided how we'll spend the day. I would love to have the whole family together at home to watch, but I also would like the kids to watch with their classmates and be part of the discussion at school. Either way, we'll be having an inaugural dinner of our own tomorrow night, followed by cupcakes all dressed up for the occasion!

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Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Great ideas! Also, I love your WII family. I have been addicted to Wii Fit the last month!

I gave you an award! Come on over to pick it up!