Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today is a great day! Not only is it my little girl's birthday, but it is also the day that I am finally able to introduce my new line of wish necklaces. And let me tell you, it's been a long time coming! After endless delays in customs (the charms are handmade in Australia) and my packed schedule of work and children and life, it seems it has taken forever to get to this point. But thankfully, we're here!

So without further delay, I am thrilled to introduce a new line of wish necklaces, each representing a specific wish: a wish of love, of friendship, of luck, of hope and of peace. The centerpiece of the necklace is a stunning sterling silver and stone charm, handmade by an incredibly talented jewelry artist based in Australia, strung on an 18" sterling silver chain. When these charms finally arrived at my door, I immediately knew they were worth the wait! Each color charm represents a different wish: pink for love, teal for friendship, blue for hope, green for luck and hint of gray for peace (this gray is much more subtle than it appears in the photo). Make a wish each time you wear the necklace - then Trust. Hope. Believe.

Wish necklaces make the perfect gift for graduations, birthdays, mother's day, bridesmaids or anyone who can use a good thought and a wish come true. And who couldn't use one of those right now? So, head over to the shoppe to check them out and be sure to become a fan of Pumpkin Petunia over on Facebook to take advantage of our fan-exclusive discount (fifteen percent!).

Note: If you're a fan of our discontinued line of wish necklaces, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we will still be offering limited quantities of our ballet slipper and cheerleader megaphone wish necklaces at least through spring and early summer to accommodate recital and cheer tryout season. The bad news is that all other styles are no longer available. 

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