Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Hope yours was as fun as ours. There is a good deal of green in Peanut's outfit, by the way. I don't want you to think we didn't fully acknowledge the day. The green is just hidden by all that pink!  (otherwise known as her daily uniform)

Oh, and since it's in the photo and I've been meaning to show this to you, check out the ribbon wand I made for Peanut out of a bunch of Christmas scraps. That's right, scraps!

The plastic ring held a new scarf for Petunia and the ribbon came from wrapped packages, but was unable to be reused for a similar purpose because it is embossed with a store name. All too pretty and full of potential to be discarded, so we made a ribbon wand! I just looped the ribbon through itself and onto to the ring, securing the knots with a bit of glue and voila! - a ribbon wand. Peanut dances and runs and plays games and cuddles with it. I think it may be her most prized possession. Well, after the crown and tutu, of course. The girl does have her standards.

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kgbgraphics said...

I made a similar *ribbon skirt* for my baby this year for Halloween. It was all white tho... I bought a onsie that was white and had a silly face on it, I completed the ghost outfit with white tights. So Cute!