Monday, March 2, 2009


Gosh, I have so many things to share with you that I hardly know where to begin! This week, and likely part of next, will be devoted to spring celebrations. No matter that we just had a foot of snow dumped on us, all the more reason to start thinking about spring!

So let's kick off our spring celebrations with First Communions. I understand that this celebration is a very specific one that does not necessarily have mass appeal, but the truth is, I have First Communions on the brain right now as Petunia will be receiving hers this spring. Another reason I want to devote some time to First Communions is that, while it is a holy celebration to be sure, it's participants are small children. With all this in mind, I have worked hard to create invitations that are both fun and respectful of the occasion.

My absolute favorite First Communion design is this cross fashioned from baseball bats. How cute is this? And before you get all "Oh my, I'm not sure that's appropriate," you should know that these designs have been market tested over coffee with a group of women fondly known as the Church Ladies. This group of women, ranging in age from 65 to 87, attend a local church each and every day. We figured that if the design was alright with them, then it was alright with us, if not, the idea would be scrapped never to be heard from again. Well, their reaction surprised even us! At best, we were hoping for a lukewarm response of "I guess it would be OK", but what we got was resounding approval. They thought the design was "Wonderful!", and just for the reasons we hoped. Spurred on by the church ladies' approval, we came up with a hockey design as well.

Each of these designs is available in your choice of colors, including blue, green, pink, purple and teal. Coordinating thank you notes, cupcake picks, water bottle labels, favor bags and labels are also available. 

Not a sports fan? No worries. More traditional designs are also available.

To see the complete line of First Communion products, click here. Check back tomorrow for more spring party ideas and a quite possibly a giveaway!

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Crafty P said...

great work! Love the last 2, especially. I'll give my girlfriend who's planning her daughter's 1st Communion a heads up about these! lovely, Jo-Ann