Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In an effort to prove that I am celebrating Halloween this year despite having ignored the holiday on this blog thus far, I give you my first halloween post. There will be more to come, I promise. This one was worth waiting for as it's a freebie!

Many of you have likely seen Noah Scalin on Martha's Halloween show, but if you haven't, I'll tell you a bit about him. Noah started a blog where each day he posts a different image of a skull that he has created. (weird, I know. but trust me, it's super cool!) I am always intrigued by people who publicly take on these creative commitments as I know how long that apron I'm sewing has been sitting in my sewing case. The fabric is most-definitely outdated by now, I'm waiting for it to be fashionably retro before finishing!

Anyway, back to the skulls. Noah spent a full year posting a different skull image on his blog each day. Now that the year has passed, he is asking his readers to submit their own skull images. Take some time to page through his site, the creativity is amazing! Noah has also provided two skull fonts available for download on his website. I'm not always in love with these types of fonts, they are often too busy and hard to read, but I think his are really fun. You can download Skullphabet #1 (shown above) here, and Skullphabet #2 here. Notice how he displays his fonts in the shape of a skull? I love that!

Now, off to create my last minute party invites for the halloween bash that I didn't know I was having! (true story)

Edited to add: While we're on the topic of great Halloween fonts, here's another one to add (and this one's not just for halloween!). It's called Ghosttown and is available for download here.


CzaMama said...

That's SO great Jo-Ann! Thanks for posting this! I know I'll be making a Halloween card for sure out of this for N and sending it her direction!

Suzy said...

Very Cool!! Now, if I could only remember how to get the downloaded fonts to work. :-s