Thursday, October 23, 2008

VOTE FOR _______________________.

For months now I've been trying to score I Wish I Could Vote shirts for my kids. Months. They never have the right combination of sizes and with shipping costs, I can't justify making separate purchases as each size is stocked. Well, I still haven't found shirts for my kids, but in an unexpected turn of events, I scored a shirt for me and my husband! I found myself procrastinating on the Gap website when suddenly I hear this great song! I click back over to the window I just minimized and there they were: Vote for ___________ shirts. The music, the scrolling list of fillers for the blank, it got me. Big time.

So I called the store and they informed me that yes, they did have the shirts. They just arrived this morning and each store only received thirty shirts. Yes! I called just in time (i'm not obsessing, really i'm not) and our shirts are on hold for us to swing by this evening after parent teacher conferences.

Seems like my VOTE t-shirt luck has finally turned. Off to try my luck on the kids' shirts again!

P.S. Head over to the to hear the song and see the ad. And here for buttons and celebrity video snips.

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