Monday, October 27, 2008


Well it was a blustery Sunday afternoon but everyone persevered and as you can see, the photo shoot went great (despite Pumpkin's head cold and the huge scratch on Peanut's nose - thank you, photoshop). 

If you are in the Boston area, or are planning to be here, there are two things you must do.

1. Call photographer Amy Riley. She is beyond fantastic and talented and wonderful with children. 

2. Go to Brewster Gardens in Plymouth. It's a glorious location with so many beautiful little spots for photos. And the best part is that it is actually quite small, so it's not overwhelming. Oh, and the stream is perfect for leaf races!

I can't resist a shot like this! (bad mommy). But not to worry, daddy came to the rescue.

Not only did we get great shots of all three children together (for the first time ever!), but Amy captured their individual personalities beautifully as well. I'll give you a peek at those tomorrow.

I know, I know. But indulge me, ok? Just roll your eyes and pretend to be interested - I'll be none the wiser


Anonymous said...

What great pics!!! Gorgeous!!!

Janine said...

Love these pics. I can't believe how much your kids have grown!

Suzy said...

Your kids look great! I can't believe how big they are getting!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! (the kids and shots!) It looks like you just picked them up from Catholic prep school! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous & adorable... just wondering where you got the little one's dress?


Peanut's dress is from Lord & Taylor.

And just in case anyone is wondering about the big kid's outfits.

Petunia is wearing a skirt from Imp originals, sweater from Gap Kids, ruffle-collared uniform shirt from Children's Place and knee socks from Gymboree. (phew, we did some running for her outfit!)

Pumpkin's is more simple: Layer-look polo shirt from Old Navy and pants from his closet! It's so much easier to be a boy!


Oh, and the hats!

Petunia's hat is from Gymboree and Pumpkin's hat was purchased in London by his uncles.